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Just to Highlight a Few Solutions and Services That We Offer To Our Clients.

Address Your Daily Pain Points To Success

Predictive Marketing Analytics Platform

We Hear You From The Bottom Of Our Heart. No More Hours Of Research Works Across Multiple Information Sources.

Your Must-Have Analytics Solution Is Now Few Clicks Away. Visualize Now!

  • AI-driven visualisation tools 
  • Machine learning data analytics to overview the market (your brand and your competitors) with few clicks
  • Sources the content from local news, social content mentions, discussion forums and etc
Content Mentions with Sentiment
Market Insights Predictions
See how your brand performs amongst others

Reserve Time For Your Real Focus

Financial Research Analytics Platform (Up Next!)

Tired with manually sourcing all insights/reports via different source platforms, PDFs, channels?

Save the Hassles.

Few clicks away from aggregating all the insights you need (including company documents, announcements, local news, community response)

Sentiment Analysis At a Glance.
Visually. Vividly.

We help you screen more than 200 news a day and show you only relevant news (so you won’t miss important insights and you can focus on your analysis)

Unleash the Power of Financial Education

Creative Content Solutions

As a Financial Content Creator & Visual Storyteller with our very own community – VisualFinance, we deliver compelling marketing messages for your brand and products that addresses the audience’s pain points and financial education needs.

  • Engage and generate leads to the target audience group via visual contents
  • Connect target audience to your brand
  • Increase brand awareness as a strong advocate in smart finance
  • Enhance marketing campaign ROI

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Address the #1 stress of Employees

Financial Wellness Training & Workshop

Financial Wellness for employees has never been more important. Financial matters/challenges is the #1 stress of employees1. Apart from physical and mental health, many employers have gone the extra mile to help employees improve their financial health too.

For Your Employees

Raising employees’ awareness of their financial wellness to improve workforce productivity.

For Your Service Audience

We craft bespoke financial wellness workshops for individuals and family audiences.

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